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“Ifeel that my big­gest strength is my abil­ity to un­der­stand the prob­lems and needs of peo­ple and of­fer them care ac­cord­ingly. I will go to any lengths to help peo­ple.” She knows the im­por­tance of ed­u­ca­tion and is her­self very welle­d­u­cated and has come out with fly­ing col­ors, al­ways. She sees In­dia as one of the most ed­u­cated coun­try and tries to im­part ed­u­ca­tion and do­nate pen, copies, pen­cil, bags, books, etc., when­ever she gets time for pro­mot­ing the cam­paign “Pad­hega In­dia, Bad­hega In­dia” As a Manag­ing Di­rec­tor of NAKSHTRA SO­LAR SO­LU­TIONS, she is well aware of her cor­po­rate so­cial re­spon­si­bil­ity and it is need­less to say con­sid­er­ing Ankita’s de­vo­tion to­wards the so­ci­ety. Where peo­ple are strug­gling with light and have dif­fi­culty with elec­tric­ity, Ankita do­nates So­lar Lan­terns to them. Ankita does all that she can to sup­port the women of the 21st cen­tury. Be­ing a suc­cess­ful en­tre­pre­neur and a woman, she be­lieves that if she can do it, any woman can. Women are the source of in­spi­ra­tion and power in to­day’s times. She wants to spread the mes­sage to all women about how they are chang­ing the face of the world and are lead­ing it and mo­ti­vate them to do more. In­dian is quite re­stricted about girl child. But with time, the coun­try is ac­cept­ing it well. Still there are ar­eas where there is a lack in gen­der equal­ity. Ankita takes this is­sue on pri­or­ity and is de­voted to ed­u­cate peo­ple about how im­por­tant it is to ed­u­cate girl child and how they can change the world. She preaches about the po­ten­tial of a girl and how they are rul­ing the world. Her love for clean­li­ness is un­matched. She is of the opin­ion that one should con­sider the coun­try as their home and should main­tain clean­li­ness just like one does at their home. She is an ac­tive part of the Swacch Bharat cam­paign and takes care of her sur­round­ings quite well. San­i­ta­tion is one of the many prob­lems that the ru­ral In­dia is fac­ing. Peo­ple have to re­lieve them­selves in the open which spread dis­eases. Ankita ed­u­cates peo­ple about the im­por­tance of a toi­let in a home and also do­nates the nec­es­sary funds and elements that can help peo­ple fol­low a good san­i­ta­tion habit. Ankita not only do­nates clothes and food, but she also plays with the kids. She is a big lover of kids and makes it a point to spend time with them when­ever she can. “God has given me one life. And I am go­ing to give my all to help those who are in need. I am lucky that I can af­ford good food and clothes and God has given me suf­fi­cient to do­nate as well. By do­nat­ing food and clothes, I am thank­ing God. Noth­ing giv­ing me more hap­pi­ness than feed­ing and cloth­ing the poor,” says Ankita.

Ankita Ag­gar­wal (En­tre­pre­neur and So­cial Worker)

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