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Nilekani to build confidence: Staff


Employees have lauded the appointmen­t of co-founder Nandan Nilekani as chairman of the company’s board.

Many employees said even though work processes would not see any major difference, Nilekani’s taking over provided them peace of mind. Employees across all levels said what mattered were the bigger tasks of implementi­ng client ideas.

Nilekani said he would hold discussion­s with customers, employees and stakeholde­rs. “I see my role as a holistic one,” he added.

“Once the management issues are sorted out and Nilekani brings stability, we expect to hear good news on increments and variable benefits. It will not make much of a difference in terms of work,” said a senior Infosys employee.

Infosys has taken up a few initiative­s to boost employee morale. Pravin Rao, the interim chief executive officer, wrote to employees seeking support to continue the company’s transforma­tion. Infosys also posted a video on Facebook carrying messages of employees.

Some said it was business as usual and one message said, “If they focus on deliverabl­es we have a better tomorrow.” “Nilekani’s return will bring back confidence across all levels and on the client front. His leadership should strengthen things,” another senior employee said.

“I was praying that Nilekani comes back. He is probably one of the most intelligen­t leaders I have interacted with during my stint at Infosys. He has a remarkable track record with Aadhaar and many other things,” said George Varghese, chief executive, ET Marlabs.

 ??  ?? Nilekani at a press conference in Bengaluru on Friday.
Nilekani at a press conference in Bengaluru on Friday.

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