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| Lee Kun-hee, Samsung Group chairman was convicted twice. In 2008, it was for tax evasion and he was given a suspended three-year prison sentence. That followed a 1996 conviction for bribing ex-President Roh Tae-woo that resulted in a two-year suspended prison. He was later pardoned | ChungMong-koo, HyundaiMot­or Groupc hairman, was convicted of embezzleme­nt and breach of duty in 2007. He was given a suspended three-year prison term after promising to make a donation to charity of 1 trillion won, which was worth $1 billion at the time. Chung was also pardoned by Lee Myun g-b ak | Lee Jay-hyun, CJ Group chairman, was convicted in 2014 of embezzleme­nt, breach of fiduciary duty and tax evasion before eventually being sentenced to twoand-a-half years in jail. President Park Geun-hye pardoned Lee in August 2016 | Kim Seung-youn, Hanwha Group chairman, was convicted of embezzleme­nt in 2012, for which he was sentenced to four years jail, and also for assault in which he received an 18-month sentence in 2007. Both sentences were suspended. He received a pardon for his assault conviction from Lee Myung-bak in 2008

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