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Google proposals ‘in right direction’: EU anti-trust chief


Europe’s anti-trust chief Margrethe Vestager ( said Google’s proposals to comply with an EU (European Union) order to modify its shopping service pointed in the “right direction”. “It is less than a week since we got the letter so we have to go a bit more in depth before we can say anything,” Vestager said just months after slapping Google with a record ^2.4-billion ($2.8billion) fine over the issue. “But so far from the look of it... there are things that point in the very right direction,” she said. Google, which was given 90 days to comply or face further fines, submitted details of its offer to the EU last week, which Vestager said her teams were carefully evaluating. “We are in the process to see if they are sort of on the right track, but we do not approve it before they go ahead,” Vestager said during an interview at her office at EU headquarte­rs.

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