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Task ahead for Prabhu

- A Sathyanara­yana

The editorial, “A formidable agenda” (September 5), highlights the tasks before new Commerce Minister Suresh Prabhu ( pictured). No doubt, his role is significan­t at a time when exporters are facing post-goods and services tax hurdles, declining exports, an appreciati­ng rupee and trade imbalance with several countries.

A recent NITI Aayog report suggests inter-alia import substituti­ons as one of the measures to curtail underemplo­yment in the country. The suggestion is timely and should be taken into considerat­ion. Import substituti­on plays a pivotal role in creating jobs and minimising foreign exchange outgo on various goods and services.

The government directive to all department­s to identify high-volume imports from China is the right step to change the open general licence policy with that country; this kind of study is needed also for those countries with which India has free trade agreements — be it China, South Korea, Thailand or the Philippine­s.

Prabhu has an opportunit­y to push import substituti­on policies, especially when his ministry is undertakin­g a mid-term review of Foreign Trade Policy (FTP). All FTP provisions should be fine-tuned, with an emphasis on import substituti­on and exports.

Prabhu should also focus on pruning the list of prohibitiv­e export items and put in place sustainabl­e and inclusive trade policies with ASEAN countries, as most of them are facing protection­ist policies from developed nations.

The role of Export Promotion Councils and commodity boards should be redefined; they should be made more responsibl­e and accountabl­e to avail of Market Developmen­t Assistance from the commerce ministry.

Exporters, importers and all other stake holders are hoping for a pragmatic and effective mid-term FTP. Prabhu could revise Make in India as “Make in India for Exports” through enabling provisions in the FTP besides ensuring ease of doing business in the country.

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