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Oxford & Cambridge Club hit by online data breach Huge blast in China’s Ningbo city kills 2, cause unknown


The Oxford and Cambridge Club, one of the UK’s most elite gentlemen’s clubs open to alumni of the universiti­es of Oxford and Cambridge, has called in the police and private investigat­ors after being hit by the theft of online data of its 5,000 members. A backup computer drive, described as the size of a toaster, was taken from a locked room inside the club’s headquarte­rs in Pall Mall, central London, earlier this month. The informatio­n on the hard drive includes members’ names, home and email addresses, phone numbers, some bank account details, dates of birth and even photograph­s. PTI< A powerful explosion in a Chinese city south of Shanghai brought down buildings in a neighbourh­ood marked for demolition, killing at least two people, state television reported on Sunday. The explosion struck at around 8:50 am in Jiangbei district in the port city of Ningbo in Zhejiang province,

( reported. A “huge tremor” was felt in the vicinity when it hit, CGTN, a network operated by wrote on Twitter. The force of the explosion destroyed the roofs of two buildings at the site of the blast, which were already structural­ly unsound. REUTERS<

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