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Required wages: Bill proposes that H-1B dependent employers pay a mean wage level for the occupation­al classifica­tion in the area of employment. It will likely result in some wage inflation for Indian IT companies, especially in states such as California where the mean wage level is significan­tly higher

Change in ‘H-1B dependent employer’ definition to an employer having more than 20 per cent of US headcount on H-1B visas, as against 15 per cent at present. Most Indian IT companies have more than 40 per cent of US employees on visas

Periodic investigat­ions: The new Bill also proposes higher scrutiny and audits for H-1B dependent employers Report on H-1B dependent employers: The Secretary of Labour and the Secretary of Homeland Security shall publish a joint report, annually, on the use of the H-1B programme by H-1B dependent employers Exemption from the requiremen­t that US workers be recruited first: Bill proposes an exemption from the requiremen­t that US workers be recruited first; be available at a higher wage

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