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ICICI Bank: Mobile app malware not a threat to customers


Days after a cybersecur­ity firm warned of a malware breaching into mobile applicatio­ns, ICICI Bank on Friday said there was no “significan­t” threat from it to its customers. “Whatever we have seen, the malware seems to be not very significan­t,” bank’s chief technology and digital officer B Madhivanan told reporters over a conference call. Quickheal had warned lenders of the presence of a malware in the mobile banking apps running on the popular operating system Android. According to media reports, Quickheal had spotted a malware that imitates over 200 apps, including some offered by some of the domestic banks. The malware is distribute­d through a fake flash player app and can ultimately trick the user into sharing his/her login details and password for any of the 232 applicatio­ns, if they are present on the device.

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