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These two wineries are located off the Mumbai-Nashik highway: turn off NH 22 at Wadivare village, 22 km short of Nashik onto a fairly rutted track (it improves further on). Zampa comes first, near Sanjegaon village, about 10 km from the turn, while Vallonné is another 12 bumpy km ahead. Google Maps works well for both wineries.

Zampa Vineyards

Originally called Vallée de Vin and set up in 2006 using some renowned internatio­nal consultant­s, this company merged with Grover in 2015 to become Grover-Zampa, rationalis­ing their supply chains for sales in states with high import taxes on wine from other states.

The winery’s facade is stupendous, designed for maximum impact, and is a perfect setting for visitors to sample wines. The unit itself is set on the road, with 20 acres of vineyards climbing the hill behind. Their

Zampa Chene is probably the highestpri­ced Indian wine — and a must-try.

There are tours available for both the vineyards as well as the winery — three tours daily starting at 10.30 am, 2.30 pm and 4 pm. The tour price (from ~500 per person) includes tasting and dry snacks but no food, which has to be ordered in advance. See www.groverzamp­

Vallonné Vineyards

The 20-acre estate is located on a promontory jutting out into the massive Mukhne reservoir, with the Sahyadri hills (10 km away across the lake) forming a picturesqu­e backdrop. The vineyard was set up in 2008 and upgraded recently.

The winery is set amidst the recently-replanted vineyards and has excellent ambience. In 2015, Vallonné added a restaurant, called Malaka Spice, and a boutique resort, Bankside at Vallonné, which offers four rooms (from ~4,237) for overnight visitors. The facilities are very good indeed, and the ambience and view wonderful.

Visitors are welcome to the winery but you must call or email in advance. Wine tours are charged at ~350 per person.

See www.vallonnevi­

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