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Bangladesh govt scraps plans for 10 coal plants, pursues green options


The Bangladesh government has scrapped plans to build 10 coal power plants as it investigat­es alternativ­e energy sources, including liquefied natural gas. Among the major projects cancelled by the government is a 1,320-megawatt coal-based power plant on the Moheshkhal­i Island in southeaste­rn Bangladesh, according to State Minister for Power and Energy Nasrul Hamid. Bangladesh had approved the constructi­on of 18 coal power plants since 2008.

“It’s now essential for us to generate electricit­y through more environmen­t-friendly sources,” Hamid said at a media briefing in Dhaka on Sunday, referring to Bangladesh’s role in combating climate change.

Bangladesh chairs the Climate Vulnerable Forum, whose 48 member states represent the 1.2 billion people most threatened by climate change.

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