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Dedicated corridors and hubs in new helicopter policy


Civil aviation minister Jyotiradit­ya Scindia on Friday announced a new helicopter policy under which dedicated hubs and corridors would be establishe­d and landing charges and parking deposits abolished to boost commercial operations.

“Today, I want to announce a new helicopter policy for the whole country. We have ten steps that are going to be part of this policy,” Scindia said at the 3rd Helicopter Summit organised by industry body Ficci in Dehradun.

Under the new policy, the government is going to put together a dedicated helicopter-accelerati­on cell in the civil aviation ministry that will look at helicopter industry’s issues, he mentioned.

“It is going to be a resource that you can use to facilitate your growth.”

The minister said that according to the new policy, there will be no landing charges or parking deposits for heliports or helicopter companies from now onward.

Officers of the Airports Authority of India (AAI) and Air Traffic Control (ATC) will engage with the helicopter industry stakeholde­rs so that adequate training is given to all individual­s regarding helicopter issues, the minister said.

Under the new policy, an advisory group has been set up in the civil aviation ministry to discuss any pain points of the industry.

Heli-disha, a booklet that was released on Friday in Dehradun, would be given to every collector of every district of the country, he said. The booklet contained all regulation­s and issues related to helicopter size, weight, operations, etc, and it would be distribute­d so that awareness about them is created in the district administra­tions across the country, he added.

As per the new policy, a centralise­d Heliseva portal will be upgraded to a level so that all permission­s for a helicopter flight could be granted online, Scindia said.

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