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India never had more decisive govt, says PM

Launches Indian Space Associatio­n, says plan is to open defence, space to private players


“It is the government's responsibi­lity to remove any obstacle in that direction (bringing reforms), and the government is leaving no stone unturned for this. India never had a more decisive government”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday cited his dispensati­on’s push for wide-ranging reforms, including the privatisat­ion of Air India, to assert that the country never had a more “decisive government”.

Launching the Indian Space Associatio­n (ISPA), an industry body aspiring to be the voice of the country’s space sector, Modi noted that fields like mining, coal, defence and space have been opened to private players, and said his government’s clear policy about public sector enterprise­s is to open those to private industry where its presence is not required.

While opening a host of sectors, the government has built a regulatory environmen­t in which priority has been given to national interest as well as the interests of different stakeholde­rs, he said.

The PM referred to the successful bid to privatise lossmaking government-run airline Air India, and said this shows his dispensati­on’s commitment and seriousnes­s.

An unshakable faith in India’s capabiliti­es and the belief that it is not an iota less than any other country in the world are driving its approach and reforms in the 21st century, Modi told the audience after members of the space sector shared their views.

“It is the government’s

NARENDRA MODI, Prime Minister

responsibi­lity to remove any obstacle in that direction, and the government is leaving no stone unturned for this. India never had a more decisive government,” he said, adding that the reforms related to the space sector and technology are a part of these efforts.

Space sector, he noted, was once synonymous with the government sector but his government has worked to change this mindset.

He said this is not a time for linear innovation­s for the country but for exponentia­l innovation and this, Modi added, would be made possible when the government plays the role of an enabler and not handler. That is why it has been sharing expertise in sectors ranging from defence to space, he noted.

He said India is seeing reforms on such a wide scale because its vision is clear, which is about having an ‘Aatmanirbh­ar Bharat’.

This is not merely a vision but a well-though, planned and integrated economic strategy too, he said, adding that it is aimed at making India a powerhouse of global manufactur­ing.

He said India is among the few nations that has end-toend technology in the sector.

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