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Tunisia gets new govt with record number of women


Tunisia got a new government Monday after more than two months without one, with the prime minister naming her Cabinet, including a record number of women. The ministeria­l appointmen­ts announced by Prime Minister Najla Bouden (pictured) filled a vacuum that had persisted since President Kais Saied abruptly dismissed his former cabinet and suspended parliament 11 weeks ago, concentrat­ing all executive powers. His critics and constituti­onal lawyers have likened his actions to a coup. Bouden, named Sept. 29 by Saied as Tunisia's first female prime minister, said during the swearing-in ceremony of her new ministers that their main priority would be fighting corruption.the new Cabinet has an unpreceden­ted 10 women, including the prime minister. They include Leila Jaffel, new at the Ministry of Justice, and Sihem Boughdiri Nemseya, reappointe­d as finance minister.

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