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Indian GCC model becoming ownership-driven now


Global capability centres (GCCS) in India have transforme­d from being execution-driven to ownership-driven, thereby taking on full responsibi­lity of several business functions, according to experts at a panel discussion during 3AI’S flagship event ‘Beyond 2024’ in Bengaluru.

“Earlier, GCCS were attributed to one function whether it was finance, technology, or a specific area. Today, when it comes to sponsorshi­p, it is at the group chief executive officer (CEO) level in most cases. This means that GCCS here are becoming a true microcosm connecting to all the business units… also alignment is becoming much more integral… It is no longer that GCCS are separate entities,” said Amit Kalra, managing director (MD) and head, Swiss Re Global Business Solution Centres India.

“The focus, which used to be cost, has now moved towards capability transforma­tion…then on leadership and accountabi­lity. Over the last 10-15 years, the demographi­cs of any GCC moved from junior to more of a mid-senior level across the spectrum. The entire mindset has changed from execution to ownership-driven. Today, everyone is focused on enabling the top line and not just productivi­ty and efficiency,” said Kalra. Indian GCCS have become “value amplifiers” for their global headquarte­rs.

“India is the hub of GCCS because the work that happens here is common across the globe. Due to this, our ability to look at different parts of the organisati­on gives us the tools to do the transforma­tion and value amplificat­ion,” said Lalitha Indrakanti, CEO, JLR Technology and Business Services India. On the emergence of generative artificial intelligen­ce (GENAI), Indrakanti said, “GENAI is here to stay. With this, our lives are going to get better in terms of productivi­ty improvemen­t. All GCCS are going to benefit from this and deliver better productivi­ty…there will be many new roles that will come into play and impact the way we work.”

The panel said all GCCS were going to benefit from this and deliver better productivi­ty

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