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‘IMEC has the potential to create more opportunit­ies’


Albania’s foreign minister said these routes were mechanisms that could only be seen from the perspectiv­e of national interest

Albania has robust transport linkages in place to the Northern Balkans and the Central European regions, Albanian Foreign Minister Igli Hasani told Business Standard on Thursday.

Hasani, who is in the national capital to attend the Raisina Dialogue, said the India Middle-east Economic Corridor (IMEC) has the potential to create more market opportunit­ies.

“The opportunit­ies that can come from Albania, and the region, are vast. There are possibilit­ies connected to tourism, infrastruc­ture and our need for a skilled work force that might shape these opportunit­ies well together,” the minister said.

Albania may need to choose between IMEC and an alternativ­e route that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said his country is working on.

“We are looking at all opportunit­ies and possibilit­ies that might usher in more prosperity for our people. These (corridors) are mechanisms that can only be seen from the perspectiv­e of national interest,” he elaborated.

Petroleum exports

While India’s exports to the European nation have historical­ly been minuscule, the diesel shipments to the country have shot up to nearly $989 million in the first nine months of FY24 (2023-24), up from $279.3 million in FY23. The oil exports now represent almost the entire share of the $1.06 billion exports from India to the country situated on the western part of the Balkan Peninsula.

The country has close maritime supply chains in place in its immediate neighbourh­ood, the minister said.

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