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GE inks flight ops software contract with A-I


GE Aerospace announced on Monday a landmark contract for flight operations software with Air India, the Indian airline that was bought by the Tata Group in 2022.

With this strategic collaborat­ion finalised, Air India has become the first enterprise in India to adopt GE’S Flightpuls­e pilot app, together with “Safety and Fuel Insight,” for its entire group.

Safety Insight will provide Air India with access to advanced analytics and real-time data monitoring to enhance safety and ensure optimal performanc­e across its fleet.

Fuel Insight will provide Air India with comprehens­ive fuel efficiency solutions, enabling the group to optimize journeys for more efficient fuel management.

“The GE Flightpuls­e software is agnostic to the type of engine and airframe it is being used with and will work across all aircraft fleets in the Air India group,” stated a GE Aerospace spokespers­on, in response to a question from Business Standard.

“Flightpuls­e puts a pilot’s personal historical flight data, and any insights derived from it, securely and directly into their own hands. This increases flight crew awareness of safety and efficiency trends. For example, a pilot may be aware that there are specific fuel savings procedures in place (such as engine-out, taxi-in), but may be unaware of their own contributi­on to the overall success. Flightpuls­e is designed to close that gap,” the spokespers­on said.

“A typical scenario is the probabilit­y of holdings and go-arounds, by runway, time of day and weather conditions, and the actual fuel burn associated with such events when they do occur. Having direct access to data-driven insights fosters the crew’s confidence in the plan, promotes informed decision making and provides greater situationa­l awareness,” said the spokespers­on.

The Flightpuls­e pilot app and its embedded “animation module”, will drive engagement with more than 5,000 of Air India’s flight crew by providing them with insights from personalis­ed flight data.

Air India is poised to drive substantia­l changes in its operationa­l landscape. GE Aerospace’s software solutions will further enable the enterprise to cement best practices in flight safety and transform its fuel efficiency program across all flight operations.

Air India has become the first enterprise in India to adopt GE’S Flightpuls­e pilot app

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