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‘Despite IT slowdown, high demand for GENAI courses’


Amidst a downturn in the informatio­n technology and services sector, education technology firm Simplilear­n is witnessing robust demand from IT profession­als seeking to learn new skills. Notably, there’s a growing interest in generative artificial intelligen­ce courses.

The Blackstone-backed firm, which provides online upskilling, reported a 195 per cent Year-on-year increase in demand for GENAI courses in India in the first quarter of 2024. Simplilear­n has seen over 300,000 profession­als skilled in GENAI through the firm’s various programmes over the past year. Firms are rapidly adopting GENAI in areas like content writing, workflow and process automation, customer support, and data analysis. Given the large size of these teams within most companies, profession­als in these domains must embrace GENAI to stay relevant and advance in their careers.

“Companies are tight on their technology spend. But there is a strong demand for learning. Everybody wants to learn GENAI and not fall behind the curve,” said Krishna Kumar, founder and chief executive officer, Simplilear­n. “GENAI is impacting different aspects of the business. We are seeing a lot of inquiries and interest and have launched programmes for profession­als in different areas.”

Kumar said this was the first time in the past 10 years that IT services companies are witnessing a slowdown at a large level. This is putting pressure on them to meet their revenue targets. “Employees now want more value out of their money. They are doing the courses only when they are sure that these would help them get a promotion or change their jobs,” said Kumar.

Growing interest

There is also rising demand for cybersecur­ity programmes. India contribute­s 72 per cent of learners, with high demand in the IT sector. As the world increasing­ly relies on digital transactio­ns, Simplilear­n said it remains committed to addressing the need for cybersecur­ity measures. It provides profession­als with the skills necessary to navigate and mitigate cyber threats effectivel­y.

 ?? ?? Krishna Kumar, founder & CEO, Simplilear­n
Krishna Kumar, founder & CEO, Simplilear­n

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