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‘India has the largest slate of local original content outside US’


Earlier this week, Amazon Prime Video showcased its upcoming India slate. Its popular shows such as Mirzapur, Paatal Lok and Panchayat will see their new seasons. There are a bunch of new shows, several in Tamil and Telugu, that will join the party. In all 69 shows, films and licensed programmes will be premiering on the service in the next two years. Prime Video, part of the $575-billion online retail giant Amazon, has an estimated 230 million members globally.vanita Kohli-khandekar spoke to KELLY DAY, vice president, internatio­nal, Amazon Prime Video, in Mumbai on the new offerings and more. Edited excerpts:

Where is India on the Amazon Prime Video dashboard?

We know that most of the growth in Prime Video, now and in the foreseeabl­e future, will be primarily outside the US. That is where the big opportunit­y is. For the past several years India has been (and will be for some time) the number one country outside the US for new Prime members. Of our Prime membership, India has the highest percentage of members watching Prime video. The service is incredibly popular among Indian customers. That has led us to continue to invest in more original content. India has the largest slate of local original content outside the US.

Is this growth parallel to that of your retail business? What is the connection between the two?

Our north star is delivering to be the most valuable membership programme in the world. We know that the combinatio­n of streaming, shipping, music, games, combined delivers incredible value to our customers. We have seen, especially outside the US, that streaming, especially video, is leading the way in bringing new Prime customers into Amazon. And from there, we see a lot of opportunit­y for people to start in as streamers and then become shoppers. In the same way that we see an opportunit­y for people to come in for shopping and eventually convert to be streamers. It goes both ways.

What does bringing other services (like Lionsgate) or channels (like BBC) or sports do for Amazon prime Video?

The idea is to provide great value in enormous selection. It is about what we think our customers need and want to watch. A 100 per cent of that will not be fulfilled by our SVOD (streaming video-on-demand) service, local and global production­s and licensing. To deliver on the promise of great selection, we have adopted a lot of different business models – SVOD, TVOD (transactio­n video-on-demand), AVOD (advertisin­g video-on-demand), FAST (free ad-supported television) and linear channels. …. We are very bullish on sports. We have acquired big sports - Thursday night football in US, Champions league in Germany and Italy among others. The cost of sports rights continues to escalate, so we have to be selective. But we also know the fandom around sports is unparallel­ed. We try to complement our sports offering of rights plus third party channels which can round off the offering. So we have DAZN (a British sports OTT) in a bunch of countries, TNT sports in the UK.

One of the shows you just announced is Fallout, based on a gaming IP (intellectu­al property). Is gaming an area of focus or Fallout just happened to come by?

We have certainly seen success and believe in investing and building around IPS in books or games. Video games are unusual in the scale of people who engage in them. Fallout is a massively successful video game and it is global.

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 ?? ?? KELLY DAY vice president, internatio­nal, Amazon Prime Video
KELLY DAY vice president, internatio­nal, Amazon Prime Video

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