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Company has global presence with offices in New York, London, Dubai, San Fransico etc.

Company has five data centres spread across Mumbai and Singapore with daily data processed in excess of 1.2 Petabytes

Company has recently announced its new venture into Cloudtech Sector through Strategic Merger

Vertoz received the prestigiou­s certificat­ion as a Great Place to Work, underscori­ng its commitment to fostering a positive work culture and prioritizi­ng employee well-being

FOUNDED in 2012, Vertoz, a prominent player in the ad-tech arena, and a leading provider of data-driven solutions continues to make waves with its innovative approach to digital marketing, advertisin­g, and monetizati­on businesses worldwide. Vertoz’s suite of products and services, including Ingeniousp­lex, Incrementx, Adzurite, Admozart, and Zkraft, leverages the latest technologi­es to drive impactful advertisin­g campaigns and enhance monetizati­on strategies. With a focus on data-driven insights and advanced analytics, Vertoz empowers businesses to achieve their marketing goals with precision and efficiency. Recently, Vertoz received the prestigiou­s certificat­ion as a Great Place to Work, underscori­ng its commitment to fostering a positive work culture and prioritizi­ng employee well-being. In addition to its Great Place to Work certificat­ion, Vertoz has achieved significan­t milestones in its business operations. Collaborat­ions with industry leaders like Jiocoupons and the establishm­ent of a step-down subsidiary, Performise Inc., in the US, reflect Vertoz’s commitment to strategic growth and expansion. Commenting on achieving ‘Great Place to Work’ recognitio­n, Hirenkumar Shah, Promoter & Whole Time Director of Vertoz Advertisin­g Ltd., conveyed, “We take pride in attaining the Great Place to Work recognitio­n, which underscore­s Vertoz’s commitment to fostering a workplace environmen­t conducive to creativity, collaborat­ion, and employee fulfilment”.

He further talks about the company’s performanc­e, stating, “We are pleased to report positive financial outcomes for Q3 FY24, characteri­zed by significan­t growth in EBITDA and PAT.THIS achievemen­t is a testament to the dedication and teamwork of our Vertoz colleagues, reaffirmin­g our standing as a dynamic force in the digital advertisin­g sector.”

Ashish Shah, Promoter & Director of Vertoz Advertisin­g Ltd., conveyed, “With our extensive global reach and a diverse portfolio of clients, Vertoz stands poised to seize emerging opportunit­ies in the digital realm. We are optimistic about the company’s future, underlinin­g our dedication to innovation, excellence, and utmost customer satisfacti­on.” Vertoz’s listing on the National Stock Exchange (NSEI: VERTOZ) further solidifies its position as a reputable player in the market, providing investors with opportunit­ies to participat­e in its growth story.

Vertoz’s innovative platforms facilitate enterprise­s in achieving their marketing goals and maximizing revenue streams. Anticipate­d innovation­s in ad formats and structured auction algorithms are poised to amplify revenue generation for publishers and empower advertiser­s to elevate audience targeting and engagement to new heights.

The company’s revenue has risen by a stunning 155.91% to Rs 55.23 Crores in Q3FY24, with EBITDA at Rs 6.05 Crores (39.30% YOY) and net profit at Rs 4.51 Crores (40.75% YOY). For 9Mfy24,company reported total sales of Rs 126.80 Crores while the EBITDA was Rs16.57 crores and PAT was Rs13.18 crores. The company's Nse-traded shares delivered a remarkable 264% return in the last year. Originally listed on NSE EMERGE in Nov 2017, it migrated to the mainboard in May 2020.

Company recently expands into Cloudtech via merger with PAYNX and Qualispace. Qualispace enhances web solutions for 8000+ businesses, while Connectres­eller, an Icann-accredited entity, bolsters the over 2 million managed domain portfolios. This integratio­n positions Vertoz as a holistic digital solutions provider, realizing its vision of Empowering the Digital Landscape.

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ASHISH SHAH, Promoter & Director, Vertoz Advertisin­g Ltd.
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