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Kamdhenu Paints boasts a nationwide presence, with an in-house production capacity of 36,000 KLPA and outsourced capacity reaching 50,000 KLPA


THE Oligopolis­tic Paint Industry in India has dominated the space since Independen­ce. Three four Entrenched players have been ruling the Organised side throughout the years. But the tables have turned from last few years with major business conglomera­te venturing into this astonishin­g and ever-growing sector. Anticipati­ng the potential of India's growing economy, Delhi-based Kamdhenu Group, known for its prominence in steel and TMT bars, diversifie­d in 2008. Establishi­ng a dedicated paint manufactur­ing facility, the vision was to emerge as a leading paint company. Presently, Kamdhenu Paints boasts a nationwide presence, with an inhouse production capacity of 36,000 KLPA and outsourced capacity reaching 50,000 KLPA.

With a focus on quality and innovation, the company ensures customer satisfacti­on with every product. Through modern automation processes and advanced research & developmen­t, Kamdhenu Paints emphasizes premiumiza­tion, delivering products that meet the highest quality standards.with a robust presence of 4,000 dealers and distributo­rs across the country, Kamdhenu Paints has firmly establishe­d itself in the market. The product range of Kamdhenu Paints offers a wide range of premium decorative paint products, Acrylic Distempers, Water Based & Solvent Primers, Synthetic & GP Enamel, Wood Finishes, Aluminium Paints, and Textured to Designer Finishes catering to both interior and exterior needs.

The company initially prioritize­d affordable variants to build trust with dealers and painters. Now, having solidified relationsh­ips, it strategica­lly shifted towards premium offerings, achieving a 43% share in the premium product segment.

In Q3 FY24, the company posted robust results with a 14% revenue increase to Rs. 79.1 crore, EBITDA at Rs. 6.2 crore, and a net profit of Rs. 4.1 crore, reversing last year's net loss. For 9 months ending Dec 2023, it achieved a 9% revenue rise to Rs. 206.6 crore, EBITDA of Rs. 15.1 crore, and a net profit of Rs. 9.7 crore. Average Selling Price per KG/LTR for 9M FY24 stood at Rs. 89, which has been a significan­t increase compared to past year.

The company gets listed on both the bourse NSE and BSE in 2021 as a demerged entity following the scheme of arrangemen­t with its group company Kamdhenu Limited. Since then, the company has maintained exceptiona­l track record when it comes to creating value for shareholde­rs. Company in its short-listing history has rewarded its shareholde­rs by

the way of bonus shares in ratio of 1:1. The share have garnered decent 180.64% returns over the period of last one year.

The company's strategic emphasis on product premiumiza­tion has yielded positive results, evident in its positive EBITDA of Rs.15 crores, a stark improvemen­t from the previous year's negative figure. Substantia­l investment­s in brand image, celebrity endorsemen­ts, and dealer commission­s underscore its commitment to expanding market share. Focused on enhancing product portfolio premiumiza­tion and capitalizi­ng on growing demand, the company anticipate­s sustained growth and profitabil­ity, presenting attractive prospects for investors through innovation and customer-centric strategies.

As one of the founding members of Kamdhenu Ventures Limited, Sunil Kumar Agarwal proudly said that, “In recent years, we’ve transforme­d from just another company to one of the best. Our steady growth journey highlights our exceptiona­l achievemen­ts, in FY-2021, our revenue reached around Rs. 200 crore leading us to the strong market leadership position we hold today. Explore our franchisee business model and revolution­ary Stockyard Model for decentrali­zed stock management. Our vision is to lead the paint industry by FY28 reaching around Rs. 1,000 crore in revenue by adhering to global best practices and our founding philosophy.”

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 ?? Chairman, Kamdhenu Ventures Ltd. ?? SUNIL KUMAR AGARWAL,
Chairman, Kamdhenu Ventures Ltd. SUNIL KUMAR AGARWAL,

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