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CNH’S India tech centre to be its largest globally by yr-end


For CNH, one of the leading global players in agricultur­al and constructi­on equipment, its India technology centre is on course to become the largest globally by the end of 2024.

The centre, in Gurugram, which now has a headcount of 700, is set to reach 1,000 by the end of 2024. CNH set up its first India technology centre in 2021.

As part of this build-up, the company on Thursday announced the addition of a multi-vehicle simulator (MVS) at its India technology centre. While the company did not disclose the investment, this is the third such set up by the firm globally. Friedrich Eichler, chief technology officer (CTO), who was at the inaugurati­on of the MVS, said this will play a pivotal role in CNH’S global operations. It will serve as a key platform for various functions, including ergonomics simulation, user experience testing of controls, customer clinics, design reviews for product developmen­t teams, product validation and employee training.

For the $24.5-billion firm, this is part of its strategy to build capability and expand production facilities in India.

Eichler, while explaining the importance of the tech centre, said the plan is to increase contributi­on from India to its global product landscape.

“India for us is a strategic region as it fits into the best-cost-country strategy. It has low wages compared to the US and Europe and highlyskil­led engineers and a thriving ecosystem of universiti­es and startups,” he added.

The firm has kept a total outlay of $4.4 billion for research, developmen­t and innovation. Of this, the firm has invested around $3 billion in 2023 and around $1.3-1.4 billion will be invested in 2024 globally.

CNH has two focus segments for its tech centres. First, it will move some existing projects to India that cater to the global markets. Second, it will build capabiliti­es in new-age technologi­es at the centres to develop products for the region as well as exports.

“We are currently working on developing region-specific innovation­s in India, such as drone technology. This is for precise spraying and weed identifica­tion. Also, the developmen­t of specialise­d robots equipped with artificial intelligen­ce (AI) will enhance crop harvesting efficiency. These advancemen­ts are being developed by our engineers and could potentiall­y be applied to Europe as well. We are also actively collaborat­ing with startups and universiti­es, fostering an environmen­t of innovation,” he added.

 ?? ?? Friedrich Eichler, CTO, CNH
Friedrich Eichler, CTO, CNH

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