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THE WORLD’S SMALLEST re­flec­tive liq­uid-crys­tal dis­play de­vice in full HD has a long name. Sony calls it SXRD241A, which is a com­pact por­ta­ble pro­jec­tor dis­play­ing dis­tor­tion­free im­ages even on a curved sur­face.

Sony has used its fine pixel pitch tech­nol­ogy that re­duces the pixel pitch to achieve high res­o­lu­tion. Dot pitch, a spec­i­fi­ca­tion for com­puter dis­plays, print­ers, im­age scan­ners or other pixel-based de­vices, de­scribes the dis­tance be­tween dots or sub­pix­els on a dis­play screen. It is mea­sured in mil­lime­tres and a smaller num­ber means a sharper im­age. The com­pany has also used im­proved light-shield­ing, an all-new field-se­quen­tial colour tech­nique and its orig­i­nal SXRD tech­nolo­gies de­vel­oped for 4K home pro­jec­tors, re­sult­ing in high res­o­lu­tion, high bright­ness and high con­trast.

As the pro­jec­tor is por­ta­ble and able to use any sur­face, it is slated to be a game changer. Imag­ine tak­ing a gad­get out of your pocket and pro­ject­ing any­thing us­ing a cylin­dri­cal cookie tin. Sony has in­cor­po­rated a high-def­i­ni­tion sig­nal pro­cess­ing func­tion to max­imise its SXRD prop­er­ties. Plus, you will find a geo­met­ric com­pen­sa­tion func­tion and an edge-blend­ing fea­ture for cor­rect­ing im­age dis­tor­tions.

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