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Turning On Fight Mode


As a woman,

travelling solo, especially late at night, can be dangerous. So, what should a woman globetrott­er do? Tanul Mishra,

CEO, Afthonia Lab, an incubator for fintech startups, found the answer in Krav Maga, an unarmed self- defence technique, originally developed for the Israeli defence forces. In Krav Maga, one uses body weight to attack vulnerable points of the opponent. “Essentiall­y,

it’s quick and dirty,” says Mishra.

For Mishra, who learns in Mumbai from Sensei Sadashiv Mogaveera, the attraction was the faster learning curve. “You can learn basic moves in a month if practised well,” she says. She has even used her skills in real-life situations. “Once, I was in an auto-rickshaw going home, when it stopped at a red signal at a desolated patch. Two bikers came, and one tried to enter the auto. I used the ‘palm heel strike’ to punch him under the jaw. It worked. They drove off,” she says. But avoiding conflict is a basic tenet of the technique. “It helps me in my profession also; I manage to stay calm in stressful situations and difficult negotiatio­ns,” she says, adding that she is a Krav Maga evangelist: “always telling others to get trained in it.”

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