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Tapan Singhel, CEO and Managing Director, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, is a people’s person. He loves to strike conversati­ons with those around him, learn from them and document his experience­s, ultimately to share them with people. “I love to learn from every individual. When I learn something fascinatin­g, I jot it down and put it on LinkedIn as a blog,” says Singhel. He gives the example of kids playing. “Kids look abundantly happy. You find genuine happiness in their eyes. Compare your childhood picture with the current one, you’d notice you have lost innocence in your eyes. We all are searching for happiness. Ironically we were born in abundance with it, but we systemical­ly destroyed it. I wrote about preserving genuine happiness.” In another blog, Singhel talks about how people don’t live their age. “If you are young, you want to get old. If you are old, you want to get young. This drew me to talk to people who live their age. I realised they enjoy every bit of their life. Why chase the age we are not? Relish your age,” he says. He also did a series of interviews with street vendors that led to the publicatio­n of ‘ lessons in management from street vendors’ in the Harvard Business Review. He also hosts the ‘Tea and Tales’ series, inviting guests to share their life experience­s.

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