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Empowering Women Biz Leaders


Ameera Shah, Promoter and Managing Director of pathology and diagnostic­s services chain Metropolis Healthcare, is also a financial investor and a business mentor. Passionate about women leadership and empowermen­t, she supports budding women entreprene­urs through ' Empoweress'. It is a not-for-profit platform for women-led businesses to find advice, mentorship and microfundi­ng. Launched in 2017, the platform has incubated more than 50 women-led businesses already.

The term empoweress is a mix of the words empower and empress that signifies women of worth, power and status, says Shah. Empoweress has a panel of experts who mentor selected women entreprene­urs through peer-to-peer network, goal executivet­ive setting commuettin­g and leadership communicat­ion, different ways too achieve the desired results.ults. They also guide through and womenen direct their entreprene­urs entregh them experience­s exdirect to the right resourcesu­rces to help them take their most critical decisions.s. Aspiring candidates havee to send a non linep resent at ionnt at io n with details, includingg business ideas, market insights, sights, competitor analysis,ysis, sales and marketing execution plans, five-year projection­s and revenue models.odels. An expert projects panel for select sect selig ia a year-long eligible mentorship programme gramme with one- on- onee sessions and help for firmingmin­g up funds to run businesses. sinesses. –

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