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POST Dai Siu Tse DATE June 28, 2017 02:57

I have paid and is­sued tick­ets for first class (long haul) with my aged par­ents. I could not pre-se­lect seats. An­gry! I’ve spo­ken to air­line two weeks ago. The air­line said it was tech­ni­cal is­sue, would check but is­sue could be re­solved at air­port. No news for now. Fly­ing in two days. I highly sus­pect that they over­book. Ap­pre­ci­ate all ad­vice on how I can get my seats.

capeto­ni­anm June 28, 2017 06:42

Air­lines tend not to over­book in first but there are ex­cep­tions de­pend­ing on the flight pro­file and prog­no­sis.

If you post the flight num­ber/date I may be able to check for you, de­pend­ing on what air­line it is. Please don’t post any de­tails such as names or record lo­ca­tors.

If you are close to one of the air­line’s of­fices I would sug­gest you go and in­sist that they show you the seat map for that flight on the com­puter, you will be able to see how many are al­lo­cated.

A travel agent may also be able to do this but won’t be able to amend your book­ing as it is “owned” by the en­tity through which you made it.

Dai Siu Tse July 2, 2017 18:03

Thank you all for your ad­vice. We fi­nally man­aged to get our seats. The air­line’s ex­pla­na­tion was that seats were blocked by air­port con­trol, not sure if it was air­port con­trol of the air­line or the author­ity. It’s been stress­ful. Much re­lieved now.

San­ran July 3, 2017 08:36

As far as I was told by an at­ten­dant, Swiss al­ways keeps one un­sold seat on its A340 be­cause there is a kind of a “high risk” of prob­lems (seat and TV mal­func­tion­ing ba­si­cally) since the air­plane is old­ish, it hap­pened to me twice to change seat be­cause of that. They won’t do the same on the new 777, but I sus­pect they of­ten do the same on the A330.

ASK1945 July 6, 2017 15:56

I tried to lock in on­line our BA Club World seats (for my wife and I) from Hy­der­abad to Lon­don in March, for the daily 0720 flight, but the mes­sage re­peat­edly told me to check-in at the air­port.

So, a very early alarm call and we ar­rived at the desk at 0430, to be greeted with the news that we had been down­graded to Econ­omy (not Pre­mium Econ­omy) be­cause of over­book­ing. Ma­jor row en­sued and I de­manded for them to place us on the fol­low­ing day’s flight, with EU com­pen­sa­tion for the de­lay. They re­lented and gave us our CW seats. On walk­ing away from the desk we heard them telling the next cou­ple in line that they had been down­graded to Pre­mium Econ­omy. We didn’t wait to hear what hap­pened.

The flight took off with three empty CW seats; I couldn’t see the other cou­ple in the cabin.

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