Here is the low­down on how air­lines mea­sure their seats.

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This is the dis­tance be­tween seats. broadly re­garded as legroom. For fully-flat beds in busi­ness and first class, seat pitch is not re­ally ap­pli­ca­ble, as there tends to be so much space be­tween them that the only lim­it­ing fac­tor is the length of the bed.


Recline is par­tic­u­larly im­por­tant if you are hop­ing for a de­cent night's sleep. In econ­omy class, air­lines take the mea­sure­ment in the fol­low­ing ways:

1 From hor­i­zon­tal to the fur­ther­most recline.

2 From 90 de­grees to the fur­ther­most recline (given ei­ther in de­grees or inches).

3 From the up­right, take-off po­si­tion to the fur­ther­most recline.


In busi­ness and first class, the op­tions for re­clin­ing seats are broadly cra­dle-style (CS), an­gled lie-flat (AF) and fully-flat (FF). Recline is mea­sured in a num­ber of ways. When it comes to an­gled lie-flat seats, it may some­times be ex­pressed as 180 de­grees. the same as fully-flat beds.As this can be mis­lead­ing, we have iden­ti­fied the seat types and ex­act an­gle of recline of each prod­uct. Mean­while, beds of 176 de­grees can feel like fully-flat beds, but are ex­pressed as AF. In pre­mium econ­omy, some car­ri­ers have in­tro­duced fixed-shell (FS) seats that recline into a hard plas­tic sur­round, not into the space of the per­son be­hind you. \


Seat width is mea­sured when the seat is fully up­right, and is usu­ally taken as the space be­tween the arm­rests — so from the in­side of one arm­rest to the in­side of the other. It can also be the seat cush­ion width or even the dis­tance be­tween the out­side of the arm­rests.


As IFE sys­tems be­come more so­phis­ti­cated and are up­graded from sim­ple mul­ti­chan­nel of­fer­ings to in­ter­ac­tive sys­tems that al­low for AVOD (au­dio-video on-de­mand), econ­omy pas­sen­gers of­ten ben­e­fit from the same range of choice as in busi­ness or first class thanks to in­stal­la­tion tak­ing place through­out all cab­ins.

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