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A small quandary but I think best we err on the side of cau­tion. Me and Mrs. GT are in the midst of a long-haul break, out­bound Club World and back World Trav­eller Plus. Prior to de­par­ture, I printed out and took a screen­shot of the Bri­tish Air­ways (BA) itin­er­ary which stated 2 x 32kg hold lug­gage each, each way – and whilst I fully ap­pre­ci­ate that World Trav­eller Plus is o…icially

2 x 23kg, I made the as­sump­tion that be­cause we were out­bound Club World we some­how had the same lug­gage al­lowance for the round trip. We both checked the itin­er­ary re­peat­edly be­fore leav­ing UK to en­sure it 2 x 32kg each way, each. Now as we pre­pare to pack up for the re­turn, we find that on my BA Ac­count (bronze) which was used for the reser­va­tion, it is now stat­ing 2 x 23kg. But on Mrs GT (blue), the very same reser­va­tion still states 2 x 32kg. So, we can rel­a­tively eas­ily dump a load of stu… to en­able us to spread the re­main­ing to­tal load be­tween the hold and cabin bag­gage (alas, we don’t travel light!) to fall within the lesser al­lowance – as I sus­pect that at checkin BA will likely be in­tran­si­gent and sug­gest that I have pho­to­shopped the doc­u­ments and that Mrs GT's on­line con­fir­ma­tion is ir­rel­e­vant as the book­ing was made in my name. I am not will­ing to set us up for an ex­cess lug­gage fee nor spend huge amounts of money on a call to Bronze sup­port in UK.


Each can carry 23kgs hand lug­gage in a wheely, etc. If you lift it into the over­head locker and a hand­bag/com­puter bag – o‹icially by your feet, so you should be able to re­ar­range your lug­gage that way- ‘though not liq­uids over 100ml (and now pow­der is lim­ited too in Aus­tralia and the United States of Amer­ica in carry on lug­gage!


As usual with Bri­tish Air­ways, noth­ing is straight for­ward. This is from ‘the horse’s mouth’ in T5.

Pre­vi­ously on ‘Bri­tish Air­ways Law’, out­boùnd in club, back in a lower cabin, you would get the higher bag­gage al­lowance on the re­turn. This was changed about four months ago and ‘Bri­tish Air­ways Law’ now states your al­lowance is lim­ited to the al­lowance for your class of travel on the day.

How­ever, if your ticket was pur­chased be­fore the rule change, Bri­tish Air­ways checkin, where ever you are, should hon­our the old rules.

Hope this helps.


There are so many di‹er­ing rules be­ing ap­plied to var­i­ous routes for the same class of ser­vice that it is very di‹icult to re­main up-to-date. Air­lines some­times al­low a more lib­eral al­lowance for pro­mo­tional tick­ets bought from cer­tain sta­tions. To com­pli­cate mat­ters air­lines keep chang­ing their rules and ap­ply di‹er­ent rules for the very same flight if tick­ets are pur­chased be­fore a cer­tain date.

I usu­ally keep a print of my e-ticket with me on ev­ery jour­ney (for var­i­ous other rea­sons). Since this is a con­trac­tu­ally bind­ing doc­u­ment it will be next to im­pos­si­ble for the air­line to avoid al­low­ing you the men­tioned al­lowance. If they do in­sist on a lower/lesser al­lowance, you will have a case for dam­ages.


I may be wrong but in my hum­ble opin­ion “rules are rules” when you are fly­ing Bri­tish Air­ways (BA). Noth­ing may let a Bri­tish Air­ways sta‹ goes out­side of the rules.

BA Bag­gage al­lowance rules are very clear: 2 x 23 kg when fly­ing pre­mium econ­omy (long haul only) and 2 x 32 kg in busi­ness (both long haul and short haul). On britishair­, rules are very straight for­ward:

Di­rect flights

If your re­turn jour­ney in­cludes flights in more than one cabin, the bag­gage al­lowance for each flight will ap­ply.

Ex­am­ple-If you fly from Lon­don to Cape Town in Club World, the al­lowance for that cabin will ap­ply for that flight.

This means that your checked bag­gage al­lowance is re­lated to the class you are ac­tu­ally fly­ing, what­ever class you flew on your out­bound flight.

Even if Glo­be­trot­ter has been fly­ing from Lon­don to another BA des­ti­na­tion and is now fly­ing back from this another des­ti­na­tion to Lon­don, his bag­gage al­lowance for his in­bound flight will be

2 x 23 kg.

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