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Indian aviation in 2021

An industry expert highlights the advancemen­ts made in the sector


Oh 2020! As if the jokes, memes, serious pieces, eeting opinions and drawing room conversati­ons weren’t enough. So, I’ll try to share my observatio­n on what 2020 meant for many and what we may learn from it. Why you ask? Well, I’m a life coach and thinking about actionable learnings and using them as strategies to grow is basically what I do for a living. But even if I was still practicing law, as I did before I wore my coaching hat, the year 2020 would have still made me pause and take stock of the myriad of lessons it has bestowed upon us.

e worst fears of modern-day humans are centred around uncertaint­y and instabilit­y. And the virus brought both in massive amounts. So now, on one hand we had a situation where people were unsure of the hows, whens and whats of not only their careers but also their industries; whereas on the other hand, the industries’ top priority became survival (much like the virus itself ). en there’s also the catch-22 that for the industries to survive, the people constituti­ng them had to brave the storm and sail through, despite having to see fellow sailors been thrown overboard on account of unpreceden­ted times.

It was clear by March 2020 (at least in India) that this new virus was seeming relentless in spreading its in uence across the globe. Every single industry felt the serious impact of the substantia­l standstill. But, one industry in particular faced a striking blow — the travel and tourism industry. e travel and tourism industry constitute­s of services such as transporta­tion, accommodat­ion, F&B, entertainm­ent and many other connected subindustr­ies such as travel journalism, accommodat­ion and facility reviewers. e survival of all such services relies on one thing — movement of people from one location to another. And that was exactly what the virus brought to a halt. My experience with my clients, also reinforced my learnings about transforma­tions — a holistic approach to create a platform builds the strongest foundation­s for long lasting transforma­tions. We saw people from the travel and tourism industry rise to the challenge and embrace uncertaint­ies, to create a solid system of assurance and safety for ensuring that the aspiring traveller gets to put down the massive emotional weight of the microscopi­c virus to start feeling comfortabl­e in seeing themselves take sel es once again, albeit with masks on.

With the year 2021 having greeted us, not much changes in the tides and the lunar activity, but still the resilience of the human mind feels more concrete as if to intuitivel­y say that there is a better tomorrow than yesterday. We move into the ever-shi ing dates on the calendar, with the hope that the virus can be nally put to rest. is is a time where we must pause and applaud people from many industries who went above and beyond their call of duty. is “observatio­n” is my humble acknowledg­ement to the travel and tourism industry for displaying the truest essence of the term service industry to rise to a challenge that had the capacity to erode the very existence of it.

As I curiously travelled to Maldives with a glimmer of hope that the worst was behind us, I came back to India assured of what seemed to be an almost certain win for the travel industry. I celebrate the fact that proper hygiene, safety, caution and respect for space are now added bene ts/lessons in the already robust repertoire of the travel and tourism industry, as we move closer, one day at a time, to be able to take our ever important sel es without protective masks. So, to answer the question “are we there yet?”- almost, almost my fellow traveller.

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