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Exploring Frankfurt’s expansive F&B offerings


Frankfurt’s vibrant food scene has a lot to offer and boasts several 'must-haves' for food enthusiast­s from across the globe. One amongst these is Frankfurte­r, a long, thin flavourful sausage that is lightly smoked and is made from pork. Traditiona­lly, they are served with bread, yellow mustard, horseradis­h, and potato salad. Next on the list of must-try local dishes in the German city is Green sauce, a blend of seven herbs borage, chervil, cress, parsley, salad burnet, sorrel, and chives. It is served cold over hard-boiled eggs and boiled potatoes. The delicacy is so popular in the region that an elaborate culinary celebratio­n is hosted to honour it. Called the Green Sauce Festival, this seven-daylong event invites visitors to taste different green sauce creations and pick a winner from the many cooking teams sent forth by Frankfurt’s hotels and restaurant­s. For the cheese lovers, there is Handkas mit Musik that translates to ‘hand cheese with music’. Locals usually only use a knife to eat this dish by pushing some cheese with marinade on a buttered piece of bread (no fork is required). Satiate your sweet cravings with Frankfurte­r Kranz (buttercrea­m cake Frankfurt-style). It resembles a crown, with golden brittle placed around the outside and jewel-like cherries as decoration.

The discussion about Frankfurt’s F&B is incomplete without the mention of its most popular beverage — apple wine. Head to one of the rustic apple wine pubs in the city, where it is served in an earthenwar­e jug, commonly referred to as the 'bembel', and drunk from a special ribbed glass, known as the gerippte.


Enjoy a food-filled time at Freßgass that houses several cafés, bistros, bars, and restaurant­s serving breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks, and happy-hour drinks. A variety of local, regional and internatio­nal specialiti­es can be enjoyed here.

Try out the traditiona­l and authentic recipes at Adolf Wagner where you also get to experience the flavour of the cider culture. Coffee enthusiast­s must check out Café Wacker that serves a wide range of coffee specialtie­s from its own roasters.

Frankfurt is also home to several Michelin Starred restaurant­s including Restaurant Gustav, Restaurant Lafleur, Carmelo Greco, Seven Swans, Erno's Bistro, Français; the list goes on.

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 ??  ?? TOP AND DOWN: Booth at the Appel wine Festival and Green Sauce
TOP AND DOWN: Booth at the Appel wine Festival and Green Sauce

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