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What you need to know before travelling with your dog

In case it’s your first time, start with smaller trips to get your dog accustomed to a car journey


To enjoy a holiday with your pet, it is as important for you to be relaxed and rested, so that your dog is too

Travelling with your dog may not be as easy as it seems, nor as daunting. One would hope you could just give your pet a cushion and have them sleep it out, but it takes a lot more to ensure their comfort and safety. Before taking your dog on a long journey, first, try to ascertain if your dog is prone to motion sickness. Take your dog on short drives and keep the windows up and air-conditioni­ng on. If the dog is uncomforta­ble, try rolling down the windows to a safe level and see if it makes a difference to your dog’s comfort. This quick check will help you be better prepared before you start on a long journey with them. Here are some tips to keep in mind when setting off on your journey.


It is preferable to start with smaller trips to get your dog accustomed to a car journey. Don’t feed your dog a heavy meal just before travelling, as it can induce nausea. It is essential to carry a first aid kit, wet wipes, dog poop bags and toys. Help your dog stay calm; you can do that by giving an antianxiet­y natural supplement like Bark Out Loud, an hour before the journey. Make sure you have enough food and plenty of drinking water handy. When setting off on a journey, remember to carry two small bowls (preferably with a lid to avoid spillage) for food and water. If your dog is used to a daily diet of fresh food, for the journey, it would be preferable to feed them very small quantities of kibble instead, which will help to settle their stomach and keep the food down. It is also a good idea to keep some treats handy to lift your dog’s spirits throughout the journey! Lay down a soft blanket to make a comfortabl­e space for your dog through the journey. If the airconditi­oner is switched on in the car, your pet will need to be hydrated more frequently. Watch for signs of your dog panting heavily even if the temperatur­e in the car is cool and pleasant; it could either mean the dog is dehydrated and wants some water or you may need to make the temperatur­e cooler in the car. Stop every few hours for a break and a short stroll so that your dog can relieve himself and stretch his paws. Avoid keeping the leash on if possible in the car, but make sure the dog is wearing a collar with a name tag and phone number during the entire journey. When you halt, make sure you secure the dog properly with a leash before allowing him to jump out of the car. Another thing that helps your dog stay engaged and calm is a chew toy.


Start off by giving your dog a tour, and introducin­g them to the new place. A long journey can be tiring, so give them enough rest when you reach your destinatio­n. Keep a freshly cleaned water bowl with room temperatur­e water near them and try to keep them as cool as possible. Arrange for a fresh meal for him, after the dog has rested. To enjoy a holiday with your pet, it is as important for you to be relaxed and rested, so that your dog is too.

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