Con­tain the Spi­ralling Fuel Prices


This month we have some ex­clu­sive drive sto­ries for you, in­clud­ing the all-new Audi A6, Mercedes A-Class, and the new Ford EcoS­port pow­ered by the EcoBoost en­gine.

The fuel prices in our coun­try have been head­ing north­wards for the last six months and they have reached an all-time high with the crude oil price still hov­er­ing around the 70- to 80-US$ mark. Even when the crude oil was at US$ 125 a bar­rel we were not paying this price for petrol and diesel. This is go­ing to hurt the econ­omy and, in turn, have an ad­verse ef­fect on the au­to­mo­bile in­dus­try. The govern­ment has to take some dras­tic mea­sures and cut taxes on petroleum prod­ucts.

When the GST was in­tro­duced, ev­ery­one ex­pected the cost of cars to come down, but we are paying as much or more than what we were paying ear­lier. The au­to­mo­bile in­dus­try is one of the high­est taxed in the coun­try. On top of that, we prob­a­bly pay the high­est road tax in the world and have among the worst roads and, if the road is half de­cent, then you have to pay toll.

Mon­soon is ex­pected to set in this month, hope­fully bring­ing re­lief from the swel­ter­ing heat. How­ever, this will also bring new chal­lenges of driv­ing on our roads as we will have to face wa­ter­log­ging and the road sur­face will start de­te­ri­o­rat­ing, giv­ing rise to big craters filled with wa­ter. One will have to be ex­tra vig­i­lant while driv­ing. Take care and drive safely.

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