Mercedes-amg E 63 s 4matic+

With 612 PS, the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATIC+ roams in the su­per­car ter­ri­tory, wait­ing to at­tack those two-door pur­pose-built ma­chines

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100 The most pow­er­ful E-Class. Ever!

Show­ing off is not a trait usu­ally as­so­ci­ated with the Ger­mans; how­ever, when they do make a state­ment, it usu­ally tends to be quite a re­sound­ing one. Re­cently, we went to the Buddh In­ter­na­tional Cir­cuit (BIC) to hear what the Ger­mans, Mercedes-Benz In­dia in par­tic­u­lar, had to say about a pow­er­ful fam­ily sedan. They launched their most pow­er­ful E-Class ever, the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATI C+, and we were among the first to put it through its paces at the coun­try’s pr emier race­track. Here is what we feel about Merc’s lat­est state­ment.

At first glance, the new E 63 S looks men­ac­ing in the matte black shade; the other metal­lic shades are more sub­tle-look­ing, giv­ing a don’t-mess-around-with-me im­pres­sion. The dy­namic front end with gap­ing air-in­takes and front split­ter give it proper race car cre­den­tials. The bold grille, sport­ing a mas­sive three­p­ointed star em­blem, and ver­ti­cal slats give it the dis­tinc­tive AMG iden­tity. The side pro­file looks ag­gres­sive and sleek and those 20-inch light­weight rims add more mus­cle to the over­all

look. At the back, the rear dif­fuser with three fins and es­pe­cially de­signed ex­hausts hint at its race­track-ready na­ture. Over­all, the ex­te­rior looks more ag­gres­sive and bold as com­pared to the reg­u­lar E-Class.

In­side, things are sim­i­lar to the reg­u­lar E but with nu­mer­ous AMG bits. The devil in­side is in the de­tails. For starters, it fea­tures a race car style flat-bottom steer­ing wheel with DINA MICA mi­cro-fi­bre in the grip area. The mas­sive 12.3-inch dual dis­plays, put in the place of the tra­di­tional in­stru­ment con­sole, add a lot of techy feel to the in­te­rior. The dis­plays are well-cal­i­brated with good vis­i­bil­ity un­der any kind of light­ing. Rest of the dash­board is sim­i­lar to that of the reg­u­lar E; how­ever, it now fea­tures a car­bon-fi­bre trim and a prom­i­nent AMG logo on the cen­tre con­sole. The seats are quite comfy with am­ple over­all sup­port and elec­tri­cal ad­just­ment. The qual­ity and fit-and-fin­ish are su­perb as in any other Mercedes model. As for space, there is am­ple in­side the car. Al­though the E 63 S is based on the reg­u­lar E and not the long-wheel­base one, it can seat four adults in com­fort. How­ever, taller driv­ers might find the head-room a lit­tle cramped.

Com­ing to the main high­light of the E 63 S, that BiTurbo, 4.0-litre, V8 en­gine, which is at its sin­is­ter best with 612 PS and ground-shak­ing 850 Nm. Now that’s a truck­load of pow er for a sedan, mak­ing this E the most pow­er­ful AMG model in the coun­try. The eight-cylin­der AMG hand-built en­gine comes mated to Merc’s lat­est AMG Speed­shift MCT or nine-speed Mul­tiC­lutch Trans­mis­sion and four-wheel-drive sys­tem. It also fea­tures lim­ited-slip rear dif­fer­en­tial, which is elec­tron­i­cally con­trolled, for bet­ter power and torque dis­tri­bu­tion. It senses and sends power to the wheels with max­i­mum trac­tion and also al­lows one to drift the car when one en­gages the drift mode. The 4MATI C+ or four­wheel-drive sys­tem, too, is smart as it sends op­ti­mum power to the front and rear wheels, de­pend­ing on driv­ing style and con­di­tions.

With so much power and torque to deal with, Mercedes-AMG have em­ployed the help of a lot of elec­tron­ics that im­merse you into a rit ual ev­ery time you get int o the driver’s seat. There is a cer­tain kind of prepa­ra­tion be­fore you drive the E 63 S; of course, you can sim­ply get in, hit the starter but­ton, and get go­ing, but then that would be ex­tremely bor­ing. The right process to en­joy the car is to get in, adjust your seat, adjust the steer­ing, hit the starter but­ton, switch into Sport or Sport+ or the more per­sonal In­di­vid­ual set­ting, put the trac­tion con­trol off (if you wish to), put the trans­mis­sion into “D”, se­lect the man­ual shift from the but­ton on the trans­mis­sion tun­nel, and brace your­self for a mind-blow­ing drive.

The E 63 S is not just a car; it’s a per­for­mance car wher e you have to go through a ri­tual be­fore putting the pedal to the me­tal be­cause only then you get the true ex­pe­ri­ence of an AMG car. After go­ing through the afore­men­tioned ri­tual, ex­cept for turn­ing the trac­tion con­trol off, I was ready to exit the pit-lane and hit the track. As soon as I ex­ited the pit-lane, I nailed the throt­tle, which sent the E 63 S charg­ing to­wards C1. In­cred­i­ble ac­cel­er­a­tion was the first re­ac­tion my brain reg­is­tered.

As I neared the turn-in point, I hit the mas­sive brakes and the car slowed down with­out any fuss. I sim­ply turned the ul­tra­respon­sive flat-bottom steer­ing wheel right and pointed the nose to­wards the apex and it went through as if it were on rails. Im­pressed I was! Turn Two at the BIC is a long sweep­ing one and the E 63 S pow­ered through it beau­ti­fully. Next up was my favourite cor­ner on the track, C3, which is a lit­tle tricky. I had to brake hard just be­fore the apex and then once the apex was in the cor­ner of my right eye, I turned in and was happy to no­tice that even at low speed, the steer­ing re­sponse was to the point. A quick turn-in and an al­most per­fect exit saw the E 63 S bar­relling down the back straight and hit­ting the 250 km/h lim­iter just after the mid-way point on the straight. Need­less to add, the E 63 S dis­played its bril­liant ac­cel­er­a­tion once again.

Turn Four is al­most like C3; how­ever, it opens up on the exit that leads to the lit­tle straight just be­fore C5 and the fol­low­ing chi­cane. This was where the E 63 S dis­played its su­perb han­dling, go­ing from C5 to C6 and then C7 and C8 with­out mak­ing me ner­vous. All I did was play with the throt­tle and point the nose in the di­rec­tion of the cor­ner and the car worked like clock­work. The AMG sport sus­pen­sion set-up, which is based on Mercedes’ Magic Body Con­trol sys­tem, was con­stantly mon­i­tor­ing the driv­ing con­di­tions and ad­just­ing the damp­ing for max­i­mum trac­tion. T he 4MATIC+, which is Mer cedes’ way of say­ing four-wheel-drive sys­tem, was hard at work, dis­tribut­ing the op­ti­mum amount of power be­tween the front

That BiTurbo, 4.0-litre, V8 en­gine is at its sin­is­ter best with 612 PS and ground-shak­ing 850 Nm

and rear wheels to pro­vide max­i­mum trac­tion. This smart sys­tem com­bined with the air sus­pen­sion to make the E 63 S a highly ca­pa­ble han­dling beast. The chas­sis, too, is taut with just the right amount of flex as it can take sud­den di­rec­tional changes into its stride with­out com­plain­ing.

I en­joyed go­ing through the chi­cane the most, for this was where the car was put to the max­i­mum amount of stress and it emerged un­harmed, giv­ing me the con­fi­dence to push it harder the next time around. As I ex­ited C9, I was on to the par­a­bola, a place where one can have fun by kick­ing the tail out and drift­ing the whole way. The E 63 S even has “Drift” mode which al­lows the rear wheels to slip on pur­pose, let­ting you show off by drift­ing in front of your friends. How­ever, we were not al­lowed to use this mode as Mercedes Benz In­dia didn’t want us t o ruin the tyr es so earl y. Since I did not drift, I was ac­tu­ally able to ex­pe­ri­ence the won­der­ful elec­tronic nan­nies that Mercedes have em­ployed for pro­tec­tion. The E 63 S re­mained ut­terly sta­ble through­out this section and the fi­nal section on the track which gives you a lot of con­fi­dence to push harder and harder. That ESP works flaw­lessly, keep­ing you safe no mat­ter how you drive.

In the end, I was happy driv­ing the car on the BIC, but I wish we had more time with the car as it would have put an even big­ger smile on my face and would have al­lowed me to ex­plore the car in more de­tail. How­ever, I did ex­pe­ri­ence the heart-pound­ing ac­cel­er­a­tion, ul­tra-sharp brak­ing, su­perb han­dling, and tank-like sta­bil­ity of the new Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATI C+. It is the most pow­er­ful E-Class ever and cur­rently the most pow­er­ful AMG model on sale in the coun­try. At Rs 1.50 crore (ex-show­room), it is also worth ev­ery paisa you spend. I am now ea­gerly wait­ing to try the E 63 S on our traf­fic-filled roads to see how this beauty han­dles re­al­world con­di­tions.

The new Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATIC+ is the most pow­er­ful E-Class ever and cur­rently the most pow­er­ful AMG model on sale in the coun­try

( Above) The cabin is sim­i­lar to the standard E al­though it has more car­bon­fi­bre el­e­ments

Be­low) With 612 PS, the 4.0-litre, twin­turbo V8 is the most pow­er­ful en­gine ever to be em­ployed in the E-Class

( Right) Burmester sound sys­tem pro­vides stun­ning au­dio ex­pe­ri­ence

Car­bon-fi­bre spoiler lip looks rad

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