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Rolls-Royce have fi­nally re­vealed their first all-road, high-bod­ied ve­hi­cle ― the “Rolls-Royce of SUVs”, as they put it

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When it comes to su­per­lux­ury, one name has stood out and has stood the test of time. Rolls-Royce have al­ready ex­panded from what was es­sen­tially a sin­gle model-line in the mid-2000s to sev­eral, let’s say, smaller and more ac­ces­si­ble of­fer­ings in the past decade and a half. Now, though, they have re­vealed their very first SUV. Ini­tially, the com­pany re­fused to call it one, in­stead re­fer­ring to it as their “high-bod­ied ve­hi­cle”. How­ever, at the re­veal, CEO Torsten MüllerÖtvös re­ferred to it as the “Rolls-Royce of SUVs”. And right­fully so.

The Cul­li­nan is huge, to say the very least, and, for the first time ever, is a Rolls-Royce with four-wheel drive and four-wheel steer­ing. In tune with its her­itage, the fa­mous “Magic Car­pet Ride” is car­ried for­ward. Adap­tive air sus­pen­sion with pro-ac­tive damp­ing thanks to a vis­ual pro­cess­ing sys­tem that scans the way ahead helps pre­pare the Cul­li­nan for what lies ahead,

what­ever it may be. The sys­tem also low­ers the car by 40 mil­lime­tres to fa­cil­i­tate easy ac­cess. Once the start but­ton is pushed, it rises up to its op­ti­mal ride height.

At over 5.3 me­tres long and run­ning a 3.3-me­tre wheel­base, the Cul­li­nan is quite a size­able car, but it has just the pow­er­plant to make quick work of cov­er­ing ground. A twin­turbo V12 en­gine dis­plac­ing 6.75 litres makes 571 PS and 850 Nm of torque. The au­to­matic trans­mis­sion pow­ers the four-wheel-drive sys­tem. No word on power dis­tri­bu­tion yet. What we do know, how­ever, is that it can adapt in mil­lisec­onds and con­tin­u­ously vary the torque to power the wheel with the most trac­tion al­most in­stan­ta­neously. It can also wade through a depth of 540 mm.

The Rolls-Royce Cul­li­nan can be had as a 2+2-seater or a five-seater. It’s also the first Roller to fea­ture a rear seat that folds down. The boot vol­ume is ei­ther 526 litres or 600 litres, with a max­i­mum of 1,936 litres on of­fer. No word on price or vari­ants, but we ex­pect some­thing around Rs 6.75 crore on­wards. And, as hinted ear­lier, an ex­tended wheel­base model should fol­low.

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