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THE CAR FOR THE POST-LUNCH DRIVE WAS THE GT3 RS. The RS looks quite sim­i­lar to the GT3 ex­cept for the fact that it has a few ex­tra air vents to dis­si­pate the ex­tra heat gen­er­ated by the 3,996-cc flat six en­gine that pro­duces ex­tra 20 PS over the 500 of the GT3. There is an­other ex­tra 10 Nm of torque, so that’s 470 Nm on tap.

The big dif­fer­ence is in the in­te­rior as it comes with a half roll-cage and race seats with rac­ing har­ness and reg­u­lar seat-belts. Once you get into the car, you fit snugly in the rac­ing seat, turn the ig­ni­tion and the flat six roars into life wait­ing for you to se­lect first gear of the quick-shift­ing PDK gear­box and you are on your way. The GT3 RS is more like a race car put on the road. The sus­pen­sion set-up is on the stiffer side com­pared to the GT3, the steer­ing feels more di­rect, you can hardly tell the dif­fer­ence in per­for­mance as 20 PS over the 500 is very dif­fi­cult to tell.

The GT3 RS is a car that you can drive on the road and do track-days with­out any changes to the car.

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