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I have been read­ing your mag­a­zine since I was 15, that is, for the past four years now, and I have en­joyed read­ing each and ev­ery is­sue. Your pic­tures are very nice and your knowl­edge­able writ­ing helps me in un­der­stand­ing cars, which are my pas­sion. My dad handed me his old 2007 Honda City when I got my driv­ing li­cence and I want to add an ex­haust tip to make it look a lit­tle cooler. I have found one that looks classy and will work well for me. How­ever, I have two ques­tions re­gard­ing this. One, my me­chanic says I will have to get it welded on or screwed on to the stock ex­haust, so how will this af­fect the ex­haust? Two, will it change the sound and per­for­mance of the car? Please ad­vise me. I am only 19 years old and have just be­gun driv­ing a car. Your ex­pert opin­ion will be of great help to me. Alok Anand, Uj­jain Dear Alok, Un­less you are think­ing of buy­ing a new ex­haust sys­tem or at least a tip with a res­onator, there won't be a change in ei­ther the per­for­mance or the sound of the car. It is just a van­ity ac­ces­sory which will add that lit­tle bit of shine to your car's rear end. As for how it will af­fect the stock pipes of your car, there shouldn't be any changes there, but it will all de­pend on the state of your stock ex­haust and what type of tip you choose to in­stall. We wish you happy and safe mo­tor­ing!

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