Strange Logic


The win­ter has ar­rived and pol­lu­tion has reared its ugly head once again. Delhi is lead­ing the way, be­ing one of the high­est pol­luted cities in the world. What can be a per­ma­nent so­lu­tion to this prob­lem? Can the scrap­ping of 10-year-old diesel cars be the so­lu­tion when you see six-seater rick­shaws still plying on the roads?

This month we have com­pared the new Hyundai Santro and the Tata Ti­ago, the best car from Tata Mo­tors. The Santro has set a record of sorts in terms of sales fig­ures; they have re­ceived more than 38,000 book­ings since the date of the launch. Hyundai have also raised the bench­mark in terms of the build qual­ity and the qual­ity of plas­tic used in the in­te­rior of this car. The Santro’s ride qual­ity and the gearshift of the AMT are su­perb. In fact, the lat­ter is al­most like an auto box. The Volvo S60 I drove in Los An­ge­les is most un­like any Volvo from the past. This car is go­ing to write a new chap­ter in the his­tory of the Swedish com­pany.

There was an in­ci­dent in Mum­bai wherein a car be­ing driven on the cor­rect side of the road at Ban­dra hit a two-wheeler rider com­ing down the wrong way and guess what? The po­lice mer­rily fined the car driver and not the two-wheeler rider! Have the au­thor­i­ties lost their mind? This was just like what hap­pened to me some time ago here in Pune when a car driver broke a sig­nal and hit me amid­ships. How­ever, the po­lice averred that it was my fault that I hit the rear of the car be­cause I tried to avoid the im­mi­nent mishap and clipped its rear. In­stead I should have gone un­der the front wheels of the car and then it would have been the er­rant driver’s fault! All in all, traf­fic sig­nals and driv­ing on the cor­rect side of the road seem to mean noth­ing to the au­thor­i­ties.

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