BMW 630d Gran tur­ismo

The new BMW 630d GT is grand, pow­er­ful, and sen­si­ble. And this makes the other lux­ury sa­loons and sports car in your garage far from per­fect

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An all-rounder BMW that im­presses all

It is not ev­ery day that one comes across a car which, al­most in­stan­ta­neously, makes one feel like break­ing the bank and get­ting one for one­self. In this case the new BMW 630d GT gets pretty much all the boxes ticked, with a few ad­di­tions thrown in for good mea­sure. If you’ve been fol­low­ing the newer de­signs com­ing from the Mu­nich sketch­ing board, you’ll know that the fo­cus has been on mak­ing the cars ap­pear more ag­gres­sive. Per­haps, the re­cently un­veiled X7 with its ex­ag­ger­ated front grille is an ex­cep­tion. The 6 GT, thank­fully, fol­lows the sporty de­sign di­rec­tion which has been fur­ther per­fected on the new 3 Se­ries. And com­pared to the odd-look­ing 5 GT, this looks suave and ath­letic.

A few months ago, we re­viewed the 630i GT, the petrol ver­sion of the car we are driv­ing now, and, hon­estly, there’s not much to set them apart be­sides the badge on the boot. Sleek head­lights, nar­row kid­ney grille, mas­sive pro­por­tions, and the stylishly slop­ing roof-line come to­gether beau­ti­fully, cre­at­ing an ag­gres­sive pro­file. The swept-back A-pil­lar, bold body lines, and nar­row wing mir­rors make the de­sign ap­pear dy­namic even at stand­still. For a car of this size, it’s pretty at­trac­tive as the de­sign beau­ti­fully dis­guises the long wheel­base.

Luck­ily, we got to test the M Sport vari­ant of the 630d GT which has a few spe­cial de­sign high­lights such as the blacked-out slats on the front grille, sporty side skirts, and rear apron. Look closer and you’ll also no­tice slightly large front air in­takes and beau­ti­ful 19-inch al­loy wheels with M Sport brake pack­age. The diesel vari­ant is also of­fered in the more af­ford­able Lux­ury Line trim, which doesn’t come with these M Sport fea­tures and rides on higher pro­file tyres which, I am sure, will of­fer an even more sup­ple ride.

The cabin lay­out and fea­tures are also sim­i­lar to its petrol sib­ling and the cen­tre con­sole is straight from the larger 7 Se­ries. Our test car came with the plush beige-and-brown com­bi­na­tion with wood and brush metal adding the nec­es­sary pre­mium touch. The off-white Nappa leather up­hol­stery looks classy but is a night­mare to main­tain in our con­di­tions and was al­ready show­ing traces of use. Yes, you can get the cabin and seat leather cus­tom­ized to suit your taste. The su­per com­fort­able seats are among the best you can get in the sub-Rs-70-lakh bracket and the driv­ing po­si­tion is spot on, too.

At the cen­tre of the dash­board and at the driver’s eye-level is a new 10inch touch­screen in­fo­tain­ment sys­tem which comes with the usual Ap­ple CarPlay and satel­lite nav­i­ga­tion as stan­dard. It also gets BMW’s ges­ture and voice con­trol sys­tem that has also fil­tered down from the big Six. It’s a smart sys­tem which un­der­stands cer­tain hand ges­tures and thus makes man­ag­ing the iDrive in­fo­tain­ment sys­tem very easy on the go. For in­stance, you can sim­ply flick your fingers in the air to con­trol the Har­man Kar­don Sur­round Sound Sys­tem. It’s a pretty cool sys­tem, once you get used to it.

There are a host of use­ful fea­tures that make liv­ing with the GT very con­ve­nient. Like the com­pletely dig­i­tal in­stru­ment clus­ter that can be fine-tuned to your lik­ing. There are cam­eras all around that of­fer a 360-de­gree view of the sur­round­ings which, along with the park­ing as­sist, is ex­tremely use­ful while park­ing and comes in handy while ma­noeu­vring the car through nar­row roads. Our M Sport ver­sion also fea­tured the very use­ful head-up dis­play which now has full colour pro­jec­tion that con­stantly keeps up­dat­ing the driver with live in­for­ma­tion about the car and the nav­i­ga­tion. In ad­di­tion, there is a wire­less smart­phone charger, a soft-close door func­tion and Isofix child seat mounts. The safety kit in­cludes six airbags, ABS with brake as­sist, sta­bil­ity and trac­tion con­trol, and cor­ner­ing brake and hill de­scent con­trol.

The cabin is roomy and there’s more than suf­fi­cient space at the back thanks to the stretched wheel­base. As in the case of the petrol vari­ant, the rear seats can be re­clined and have a com­fort­able cush­ion at­tached to the head rest. The rear seat pas­sen­gers get fur­ther pam­pered with the ef­fi­cient four-zone cli­mate con­trol and a rear-seat en­ter­tain­ment sys­tem with not one, but two 10.2-inch screens.

With comfy rear seats and a spir­ited 2,993-cc mo­tor, the 6 GT is as ap­peal­ing to the pas­sen­gers as it is to the one driv­ing it. Thumb the start but­ton and the oil-burner comes to life with a mild grunt. The acous­tic in­su­la­tion is top-class as it keeps the diesel muted and the cabin feels ex­tra pre­mium. This re­fined mo­tor makes 265 PS but

the stun­ning as­pect about this in-line is that the mas­sive wave of torque, 620 Nm to be pre­cise, surges in be­tween just 2,000 and 2,500 rpm. So, even while cruis­ing at 120 km/h on the high­way, the en­gine re­mains well-heeled in the mid-two-thou­sands. That takes care of your re­laxed, cruis­ing mood. Else there are the en­gine modes such as Sport, Com­fort, and Eco Pro which can tweak the power de­liv­ery as per your needs. If you re­ally can’t de­cide, then there’s even an Adap­tive mode that does all the brain­work for you.

Don’t be mis­led by the large pro­por­tions of this car and its diesel en­gine. The 630d GT is fast! The larger diesel en­gine makes it even faster than the 2.0-litre petrol pow­ered 630i GT. Us­ing the stan­dard launch con­trol sys­tem, we man­aged to clock 0-100 km/h in a stun­ning 6.76 sec­onds... that’s just halfa-se­cond off the claimed fig­ure. The ter­rific mid-range never lets you down as the GT gal­lops ahead of pretty much ev­ery­thing on the road. It’s ef­fort­lessly quick. On empty stretches of roads, the BMW takes less than 27 sec­onds to cover a kilo­me­tre while the speedo comes close to an ex­cit­ing 200 km/h.

Even at these speeds, the large GT is sur­pris­ingly well be­haved... in fact,

Wood and brush metal high­lights look pre­mium

( Be­low) The di­als turn blue in the ef­fi­cient Eco Pro mode

( BelowLeft) The 10-inch touch­screen with ges­ture and voice con­trol sys­tem was first seen on the new 7 Se­ries

( Left) Even while cruis­ing at 120 km/h, the 3.0-litre diesel en­gine re­mains well­heeled in the mid-two-thou­sands

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