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On reliabilit­y and value for the client

Rubal Jain, Director, Safexpress, talks about the strategy for creating value for customers and the future of supply chain in the eighth Express Logistics & Supply Chain (ELSC) Conclave organised by Kamikaze in Mumbai recently.


What is Safexpress’ strategy for creating value for customers??

Safexpress works very hard to focus on reliabilit­y and predictabi­lity. Infusion of technology, training and to provide end-to-end supply chain solutions are of prime importance. Training imparts value and Safexpress also has workshops for customers to ascertain skill gap analysis, etc. training to execute perfection. The entire gamut is focussed upon being a focussed Indian organisati­on, not internatio­nal by choice.

What are the requiremen­ts to build a globally-connected supply chain?

There has to be an emphasis on transparen­cy and clarity across the chain. Transparen­cy has to be ensured to provide smooth and sta- ble operations. Results are not immediate as supply chain is a long term investment. The mindset has to be right at both ends to provide service and one will see the results coming in over a period of time. For this, it is imperative that involvemen­t from the level of CEO, from the most senior ranks, in the organisati­on is present.

Do you find this Conclave to be a success?

One can see resolution­s of certain issues due to discussion­s of the same. The Conclave has been attended by CEOs of various companies adding a lot of value to the event, which is just bound to grow and get better over time due to huge participat­ion of people from the ecosystem, where gaps will be bridged and the event will definitely evolve even further in the future with

What is your macro view of the E-commerce sector?

E-commerce is here to stay. One may not see transactio­nal positivity immediatel­y, but it will after a long time; it is a long term story. The need definitely is of reach, convenienc­e, etc. Therefore, it will survive and ‘take shape over time’.

 ??  ?? Rubal Jain, Director, Safexpress (centre) at the ELSC Conclave in Mumbai
Rubal Jain, Director, Safexpress (centre) at the ELSC Conclave in Mumbai

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