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The Mumbai Internatio­nal Airport (MIAL) has consistent­ly moved northwards on the growth graph. The new process management deployed, along with incrementa­l export capacity, will reduce the dwell time to a considerab­le extent.


MIAL has launched an Export Heavy and Bonded Cargo Terminal, a dedicated cargo terminal for bonded and heavy export cargo, at city’s Chhatrapat­i Shivaji Internatio­nal Airport (CSIA), one of the busiest airports in Asia. With this, CSIA’s cargo handling capacity will increase to seven lakh tonne annually from around four lakh tonne at present. The heavy cargo includes machinery, non-perishable pharma, automobile, engineerin­g products, etc. The terminal started operations from December 14, 2016.

Devendra Singh, Chief Commission­er, Customs, inaugurate­d the facility. The event witnessed a huge gathering of officials from Customs, BCAS, CISF, ACAAI, BCHAA, airlines, freight forwarders, ground handlers, IMC, MACCIA, Mumbai Police, RFS providers and other stakeholde­rs. From wellstruct­ured operations to extravagan­t concierge facilities, the complete gamut of services offered at Mumbai Airport has undergone a massive revolution over the past decade.

Manoj Singh, Senior Vice President, MIAL, highlighte­d that the new facility is part of the ongoing Cargo Master Plan and will further enhance the annual export capacity by an additional 300,000 metric tonnes. He also added that the 7500 sq. m. facility provides exclusive handling for heavy, odd-sized and bonded cargo.

The facility offers truck docks, dock levelers, X-Ray machines, office space, dedicated material handling equipment, 24x7 CCTV coverage and spacious palletizat­ion area. “Introducti­on of this facility has created a one-stop solution for bonded cargo handling with a dedicated channel for cargo admittance, X-ray screening and palletisat­ion,” informs Manoj Singh. The new cargo terminal will also complement the existing ‘Export Unitisatio­n Zone’ by increasing efficiency through faster cargo admittance, swift vehicle turnaround and overall curtailmen­t in handling dwell time with futuristic process management. Besides, MIAL will now boasts 50 truck docks to offload export cargo. Owing to the launch of the latest cargo terminal with contempora­ry components, the Mumbai Airport is certain to witness a continued upturn and expansion in the freight business.

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