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A few tech­ni­cal and pro­ce­dural glitches re­lated to tax re­fund or paperwork also need to be re­solved. We need a ro­bust dig­i­tal re­fund mech­a­nism for ef­fi­cient and seam­less cash flows

Next 10 years would be very ex­cit­ing and cru­cial for In­dia as it will shape up the pro­gres­sion of econ­omy. More per­se­ver­ance, im­pro­vi­sa­tion on struc­tural and pro­ce­dural im­pli­ca­tions of poli­cies will en­hance ac­tual and true po­ten­tial of in­dus­try

Road to 2030, to be at third spot, (over­tak­ing Bri­tain, Ger­many & Ja­pan) is the new talk in in­dus­try cor­ri­dors

The next target should be sim­pler com­pli­ance with less man­ual work on the in­dus­try side

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