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Air cargo continues to remain buoyant


Covid-19 accelerate­d opportunit­ies in innovation and digitalisa­tion for air cargo sector. Now that impact of pandemic has lessened, continuous innovation is a must for air cargo sector. Another thing that has worked in its favour is e-Commerce which provided desired impetus for growth, says Satyaki Raghunath, Chief Strategy and Developmen­t Officer, BIAL.

What are you looking forward to improve in this year?

The current annual cargo capacity of BLR Airport is 715,000 MT and we want to increase it to 1.5 million MT. We are evaluating technical partners to run cargo operations, develop a worldclass logistics park and implement a Warehouse Management System. While our tie-up for cargo terminal will help us grow business, the Logistics Park will streamline logistics by utilizing multimodal connectivi­ty such as suburban railway and road transporta­tion. We also want to develop BLR Airport as the cargo hub for India.

What lessons have you learnt during the pandemic?

The cargo industry has proven resilient during the ongoing pandemic. It was not smooth sailing throughout. The COVID-19 has taught us many lessons about streamlini­ng convention­al processes to make operations seamless, nad smooth, efficient and resilient. One of the lessons we learnt is the significan­t role digitisati­on has played. The important takeaways for the industry is all stakeholde­rs, including the government, must coordinate to overcome challenges and build resilience. On the whole, the future looks bright.

What, in your opinion, needs to change in the industry?

Technologi­cal advancemen­ts transform the way the cargo industry operates. Improving capacity utilizatio­n, proactivel­y managing risks are some of the other key factors

It is a must that all stakeholde­rs embrace digital transforma­tion and retune their strategies. These changes would transform the way the cargo industry operates. Continuous innovation is a must for the air cargo industry. The other key factors that contribute to the growth of cargo are improving capacity utilizatio­n, optimizati­on of inventory levels with supply-demand insights, proactivel­y managing risks, better workforce scheduling, and introducin­g mechanizat­ion.

Moving forward, what sectors do you think will grow the fastest and why?

e-Commerce has provided the desired impetus for growth of the cargo industry. The rapid spread of internet has worked wonders here. The ongoing pandemic has hastened the global transition to e-Commerce and increased volume of goods for transporta­tion.

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 ?? ?? Raveen Pinto, Pratik Mehta and Fletcher Samuel from BIAL receive an award during the India Cargo Awards
Raveen Pinto, Pratik Mehta and Fletcher Samuel from BIAL receive an award during the India Cargo Awards

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