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Air cargo needs to transform digitally


Considered India’s fastest-growing GSA, the management and teams collective­ly have 200 years of combined experience running successful operations

Aeroprime is a pioneer in innovative solutions for cargo, aviation, and travel industries. Working closely with associated industries around globe, it provides cutting-edge and tech-focused services that put businesses on top—from sales to marketing to end-to-end management, says Abhishek Goyal, ED, Aeroprime Group.

How has air cargo industry survived COVID-19? What are your plans for 2022?

There are business alliances we are exploring and are building the framework to bring them to fruition. As per a recent ICF report, air cargo was a key revenue generator for airlines during the pandemic. The cargo industry achieved an 8 per cent growth rate over a 10-year period. But COVID-19 has disrupted the sector’s growth trajectory. Indian passenger volumes fell by 70 per cent in 2020 so much that airlines have had to refocus their business models to remain viable.

What is the one thing that will make a difference in revenue?

Indian companies need to grow out of their old-fashioned way of doing business. The need of the hour is to have profession­ally run organizati­ons with automated systems, where one can mechanize as many manual tasks as possible. It will be crucial for organizati­ons across the globe to have the right tools and data for strategic decision-making. For it to grow, the industry needs to focus on digitis ation, innovative sales techniques, and operationa­l efficiency.

What is the sector’s most critical moment during the pandemic?

We have learned to value our teams and resources. Worldwide, the focus has shifted to stringent rules and regulation­s, hygiene and sanitation practices, and stricter cancellati­on policies, which we have to be aware of from an operations standpoint. There are so many considerat­ions and informatio­n required than ever before which the teams have to work with. As the world is opening up again, we need the agility and experience of our staff to work effectivel­y.

What industries will transform in the New Normal?

The cargo industry has been through many crises, but it continues to rebuild and prosper. The sector is growing because of its resilience; there is a need for policy changes that can be exploited. We must adjust to the changing geo-political scenario so that businesses do not get left behind. Currently in India, we are seeing a rapid enhancemen­t of airport cargo infrastruc­ture, digital infrastruc­ture for cargo handling, and the developmen­t of collaborat­ive partnershi­p models wherein all stakeholde­rs manage cargo multilater­ally.

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 ?? ?? Anil Goyal, Abhishek Goyal, Shikha Mishra and Kanika Goyal from Aeroprime receive an award during the India Cargo Awards
Anil Goyal, Abhishek Goyal, Shikha Mishra and Kanika Goyal from Aeroprime receive an award during the India Cargo Awards

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