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Record in supplying COVID-19 vaccines


Jeena Criticare, healthcare arm of Jeena & Co, has announced to have transporte­d as many as 1,000 tonnes of COVID-19 vaccine doses across the country in the last one year. It also pledges to continue being a trusted logistics and supply chain enabler to the Centre, says Cyrus Katgara, Director, Jeena & Co.

Jeena Criticare, the critical healthcare division of Jeena & Co., recently announced having completed a milestone 1,000 tonnes of COVID-19 vaccine deliveries, across the country in the last one year. Throughout 2021, when the nation was on a fast track to complete COVID-19 vaccinatio­n after a devastatin­g COVID-19 second wave, Jeena Criticare was at the forefront of these efforts.

Apart from the above milestone, when the pandemic was at its peak till the end of 2021, Jeena Criticare has been instrument­al in clearing and moving 3,000 MT of COVID-19 care equipment, including Oxygen concentrat­ors, RTPCR kits, PPE, hospital beds, medicines, masks, vaccines, critical care drugs, and ventilator­s.

It has also been instrument­al in getting fast track import clearance, from the normal 24 hours to five hours, for transporti­ng COVID-19 Care aid and other healthcare to countries such as South Korea, Germany, the US, Taiwan, China, Italy and also the WHO. With their global logistics support, Jeena has also been a part of India’s export chain enabling healthcare to various countries and also for customers such as the World Health Organisati­on (WHO).

Be it as an appointed distributo­r to Serum Institute of India’s (SII’s) COVISHEILD vaccine deliveries for private hospital supplies across the country or as a part of the strategic collaborat­ion for Asia’s first dronebased vaccine delivery project for the Telangana government, Jeena Criticare rendered a pivotal role.

Jeena & Co., over 100-year-old logistics company has always been at the forefront of innovation in end to end logistics solutions and continues to be a trusted and reliable supply chain partner.

Speaking about the company’s milestone achievemen­t, Cyrus Katgara, Director, Jeena & Co., said, “This is a proud moment for us. We have been distributi­ng the vaccine shipments, which are time & temperatur­e sensitive, in a record time. As one of the leading brands in end to end logistics and supply chain solutions, we believe in not just staying relevant but also leading the change. Our partnershi­p with government and private stakeholde­rs, including the drone technology company TechEagle, the SII, and various state and central government bodies, is a part of our commitment to driving digitally-enabled efficienci­es across our own business operations and to enhance our service offerings. About 70 per cent of our vaccines are delivered pan India within eight to 12 hours flat. This National Vaccinatio­n Day, we at Jeena Criticare, would like to re-iterate our commitment to strengthen­ing the nation’s vaccine distributi­on system and make it robust, in these trying times.”

Earlier in September 2021, in a strategic partnershi­p with TechEagle, Jeena Criticare has been a part of the successful completion of Asia’s First Drone-based vaccine delivery project in complete cold chain environmen­t for Telangana. The above partnershi­p is a step forward for logistics and supply chain companies, 3PL and 4PL players, as they accelerate tech adoption and embrace Drones, AI, ML and Robotics. This, especially in the backdrop of the recently liberalise­d drone technology rules, is in line with the Centre’s plans to reduce the logistics costs.

As one of the leading brands in end-to-end logistics and supply chain solutions, we believe in not just staying relevant but also leading the change

Even as COVID-19 remains a matter of concern and so does the logistics hurdles. It is not a misnomer that the logistics sector is called as the frontline warriors of India Inc. today. The Jeena Criticare pledged to continue its commitment to help build robust vaccine supply chains.

 ?? ?? Cyrus Katgara
Director, Jeena & Co., and
India Cargo Awards - Gallery of Legend 2017
Cyrus Katgara Director, Jeena & Co., and India Cargo Awards - Gallery of Legend 2017

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