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Airbus Beluga lands at Chennai airport for first time


The Airbus Beluga cargo plane (A300-608ST) recently made a brief stopover at the Chennai Internatio­nal Airport for refuelling. This is the first time the giant whalelike aircraft has touched down at the airport. The Airports Authority of India (AAI) tweeted, “The elegant whale is here and with such awesomenes­s. The mighty #Beluga No.2 (A300-608ST) landed at the Chennai airport for the first time today. The cargo transporte­r is a rare visitor in this part of the world and a marvel to behold.” The aircraft, which was not carrying cargo, was on its way to Thailand, apprised the AAI. The aircraft is a version of the wide-bodied A300-600 aircraft from Airbus and usually carries aircraft and machine parts as well as huge cargo.

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