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VALLAIR launches first freighter conversion


French-based Vallair has unveiled the first-ever temporary Airbus A330-300 E Class wide-bodied freighter conversion solution at its new hangar in Châteaurou­x, France. Designed to bridge the gap while the operators wait for five years or more for full freighter conversion slots, this temporary solution is the result of a joint venture between the French companies, Vallair and UUDS Group, which is Part 21 certified. Vallair’s E Class solution uses a conveyor that fits inside the cargo hold to efficientl­y load and distribute individual parcels, rather than using pallets or containers to load. The design may enable fast loading and reduce turnaround time (TAT) in a bid to suit the needs of the e-commerce market. The new hangar can accommodat­e one or two Airbus A330s and up to three Airbus A321s at a given time, which means that Vallair can perform wide and narrow-body maintenanc­e.

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