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AIR CARGO grew by 22% in Coimbatore in 2021-22


Air cargo movement in Coimbatore grew by 22 per cent in 2021-22, signaling revival of industrial activity in the state. As per reports, 8,062 tonnes of goods were moved in and out of Coimbatore by air to domestic and global destinatio­ns last year. Domestic cargo was 6,737 tonnes, of which 3,697 tonnes were outbound. Domestic cargo was 24.05 per cent higher than the previous year. In the case of global cargo, 1,180 tonnes were exports and 145 tonnes were imports, registerin­g a total growth of 17.36 per cent. “This is an indication of recovery of industrial activity after COVID-19 and the potential for air cargo in this region,” an official said. With just two direct flights to global destinatio­ns from Coimbatore, most of the export products airlifted from here were perishable­s. The products included automobile components, castings, textile machinery, samples, healthcare products, and food items.

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