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CHENNAI AIRPORT Bravo to smoothen cargo trade


Taxiway Bravo at Chennai Internatio­nal Airport recently opened to ease the congestion and promote speed during the peak hours. Airport officials said the capacity of the current primary runway will be increased as a result of the operation of Bravo, the principal taxiway (B-TWY). As per a statement, B-TWY, parallel to the main runway that handles 90 per cent of domestic, internatio­nal, and cargo traffic, “has a curve at the Guindy end that leads to various constraint­s resulting in aircraft holding, therefore using extra time and fuel for departing flights taxiing from the terminal to the primary runway for take-off”. The straighten­ed taxiway “will ease the situation and promote speedier passage of flights and cargo by eliminatin­g delays while taxiing, specifical­ly during peak hour traffic.”

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