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SIA selects SITA OptiClimb to achieve carbon neutrality


Singapore Airlines (SIA) selected SITA OptiClimb, a digital inflight prescripti­ve analytics tool for fuel optimisati­on, to support the carrier’s goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. By deploying SITA OptiClimb, the airline is able to optimise fuel utilizatio­n during the aircraft’s climb-out phase. The solution combines aircraft tail-specific machinelea­rning models with 4D weather forecasts to recommend customised climb speeds at different altitudes. It leverages historical flight data to predict fuel burn in different flight scenarios and recommends optimized climb profiles on a user-friendly interface for pilots. As per an official release, “The airlines can roughly save fuel up to 5% during climb-out on each flight with 5.6 mn tons of CO2 emissions.”

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