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‘Showbiz is an insecure place, you’ve to learn to deal with it’

- Kavita Awaasthi ■ kavita.awaasthi@htlive.com

Like any other industry, one has to be prepared for ups and downs in a career in showbiz,” says Hiten Tejwani, who feels aspiring actors shouldn’t lose focus if they find themselves out of work.

“One could have investment­s or a business to fall back on. But those who don’t, have to be patient and manage their finances well, especially in times like these. Showbiz is an insecure place. You have to learn to deal with it. Today, you could star in the hottest project, and tomorrow you could be out of work,” says the actor, 46.

A popular name in the television industry, Tejwani feels that a career in acting is all about choices. “You get offers for varied roles, it is up to you to choose or reject. No one forces you to do a role. You even do roles that might be impactful, but have less footage. They could be for experience or just to make contact with a production house you wanted to work with,” he opines.

Tejwani, however, believes that having a solid support system always helps. “If one doesn’t have family around, insecurity and anxiety about work and life can make you miserable. As for me, I believe that if one thing drops, another project comes along,” he ends.

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